About Us

SISNext represents the next generation carbohydrate products for the general needs of tomorrow’s consumers today. Using natural and plant-based ingredients, it strives to promote long term improvement to health and wellness, without compromising on taste, texture, and overall mouthfeel.

SIS is the largest supplier of high quality sugar to the retail sector as well as the food and beverage producing industries of Singapore. Offering the widest selection and pack size options in the market.

The SIS team prides itself on providing reliable quality products and services to our customers. We continue to ensure the highest standards of food safety, product consistency and quality.

While SIS sells sugar primarily to the local market, we also export our products overseas. Since launching our export business in 1988, we have seen rapid growth across the Middle East and South East Asia. Today, SIS is one of the leading imported sugar brands in United Arabic Emirates.

Source: www.sissugar.com

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