PALATINOSE™️ (isomaltulose)
  • Derived from sugar beet
  • Is the only fully digestible slow-release carbohydrate
  • Discovered in Germany in 1957 and marketed under the brand Palatinose™️
  • Naturally present in honey and sugar cane juice in small amounts
  • Mild sweetness, natural taste (about 50% of sucrose)
  • Same amount of carbohydrate energy as sucrose (4kcal/gm)
  • Low glycemic index of 32
  • Kind to teeth
  • Increased fat oxidation for weight management
  • Sustained energy supply for energy management
  • Baked goods
  • Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Frozen desserts
  • Special and clinical nutrition
  • Sports nutrition products
  • Sugar and Chocolate confectionery
Product Name PSD in mm Application specific
Palatinose PST-N <0.71 Various foods and beverages
Palatinose PST-PF <0.1 Fine powder of various foods and beverages
Palatinose ST-PA <0.05 Coated products and tablets
PSD: Particle size distribution; particle sizes apply for 90% of the product.
Above values are indicative and may vary per specific end application and process.
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